Here at 4Core Security we have one aim, one destiny and that’s your family’s security. Do it once; do it right. Schedule an appointment for a complimentary ‘peace of mind’ review of your home or business today.


Our standard system includes an entry keypad, motion sensor, battery backup and 3 contacts for doors and/or windows. Based on client preference, there are also a myriad of options, bells and whistles that can be added based on clients preference. That is the beauty of working with 4Core Security; our 40+ years of combined experience allows us to customize solutions based on our client’s needs, not ours.

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24hr monitoring

For your peace of mind, we offer 24 Hour U.L. Central Station Monitoring starting at $15.95/ month. That’s less than .50 cents/day to protect what’s most important to you. We also provide the option to have your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors monitored to send help when needed. Here at 4Core Security we don’t allow you to choose between peace of mind and value; we give you both.

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home automation

Some of our clients work hard and play hard. Others work hard and relax hard. Either way, home automation may be right for you. Features such as turning lights on and off, opening and closing garage doors, adjusting the temperature in different parts of the home or streaming music from your favorite source in any room can all be done from your cell phone or tablet. Here at 4Core Security we love the cool stuff just like you do but also understand they make pets more comfortable when you are not at home.  They also double as a deterrent for would be intruders. Much better then leaving a bedroom light on when you go on vacation.

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Business access control

Secure your investment with an access control system which allows the right people in and out of your building. This gives you complete control over who can access your business and when. Different levels of authority and control can be set and access can easily be added, modified or removed as needed.

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